Friday, May 30, 2008

Anne Ahira | David Cantliffe

Anne Ahira News - Ahira - Getting The Best Deal From All Your Vendors by David Cantliffe

There's waste in your operating budget that can be recovered ...if you know where to look and how to free it up. The waste is being caused by overpaying for equipment and services. From my experience, it's not just a couple of dollars either. My clients are shocked to discover they were wasting hundreds of thousands (sometime millions) of hard dollars.

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Although my expertise lies within one industry, the concepts we use to enhance the value you receive from a vendor works for any industry, product or service. "Enhancing value" means lowering the hard dollar cost for products or services while maintaining or improving vendor service support levels. When I initially meet with prospective clients, the idea of being able to reduce copy, print and fax costs, while at the same time improving vendor performance is usually met with some level of skepticism. Statements are made like: "we already have the best deal possible, or I have a great relationship with my vendor, I know they are giving us the best deal possible."

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