Friday, May 30, 2008

Anne Ahira | Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

Anne Ahira News - Ahira - Overcoming Obstacles In Writing Your Ebook, Part 1 By Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

It's easy to let obstacles stand in our way of writing an ebook but the problem is that your ebook gets pushed off to the side for another week, another month, another year and then before you know it, life is over!

Certainly that's a little dramatic, but really, what are some of the reasons that we postpone writing our ebook? A lot of it may have to do with fear.

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We may be afraid of "all the time it's going to take." The thought of tackling another project seems too overwhelming. Ebooks do take a lot of time when there's no plan of action from the start. It's similar to leaving on a trip to a new location without having a map.

We may be afraid of being exposed for poor writing ability. "What if someone sees that I made a mistake in my grammar," we may think. "Then they'll think I am stupid." There are ways around this, too.

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