Friday, May 30, 2008

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Anne Ahira News - Ahira - The Win-Win Of Joint Ventures By Christian Fea

Forming a partnership with another company can be a great marketing injection into the revenues of your business. By combining your strengths, you will become a greater force in your industry. However, making it a win-win situation does require careful consideration.

Creating the joint venture groundwork

First you will have to know your company, inside and out. That means that you have a clear understanding of your own vision, and you also know how the public receives you. Once you have determined these elements, it will be the rock on which you are founded. When searching for the right partner, your vision cannot be compromised - and if that means moving onto the next candidate, then that is the only option in a win-win joint venture.

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Analyzing prospective partners

Next, do your homework to find a company that is genuinely interested in a joint venture. If you are a small business, you can look for other small business to team up with - allowing you to become a competitor of a larger company. Both of you will win in this situation. However, small and large companies should both be open to a joint venture together, as this too could be a benefit to both.

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