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Anne Ahira News - Ahira 15 Amazing Ways To Super-Charge Your Business Success - Moriam Ojelade Article

We decided it would be fun to interview 10 of the smartest marketing gurus
we know, including 7 multi-millionaires, about the best ways to increase
customer and cash flow for just about any business.

What we got were a variety of fresh, innovative ideas -- and once you read
them, you will know that they came from a group of folks who have already
made it big in businesses of their own.

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The following are the "15 Best" ideas for super charging your business, no
matter what kind of business you are in.

1. "Same-Old" is out -- Getting attention with something new is in. To get
new business, you must strive to be innovative and dramatic. For example,
an insurance agency, offered "the biggest steak dinner in town" if it
couldn't save any person money on their car insurance. This challenge was
enough to make the telephone start ringing off the hook for days at a time.
The customer flow was "absolutely crazy" for days. The bottom line:
dozens of new insurance buyers and tons of new cash flow -- and all they
had to do was fork out the cost for a half dozen steak dinners!

2. Tight target marketing. The big job in marketing and sales is getting
to the right people inside another company. Addressing mail to "Facilities
Manager" or printing a "routing slip" on the outside of the envelope is
ineffective. Hitting the target is the challenge. Scoring a bull's eye means
making contact with the right individuals and is the only way to make the
sale. Taking time to be highly targeted in business communication is

3. Be more creative. Pushing direct-mail pieces out the door or sending
the newsletter to the mail room isn't doing the job. Ask yourself: "Will
anyone be intrigued enough to read the mailer--before tossing it in the
wastebasket?" Ask the same question about the company newsletter. A highly
creative approach is necessary to be different and distinctive. Creativity
costs money. But, if more people read the ad, take time with the newsletter
or decide that the offer in a mailer makes sense, you have accomplished the

4. Focus on what customers care about. After listening to the admissions
director talk about what should be shown in the school's new recruiting
video, the marketing consultant asked, "Is this what parents and prospective
students are interested in knowing?" Suddenly, everyone became less
confident. Someone suggested asking the student tour guides what questions
the visiting parents and kids asked? Whether creating an ad, a brochure, or
a sales presentation, knowing what the customer wants, needs and expects is
what works.

5. Tell customers how to think about your company. People come to conclusions
by making comparisons. If you don't let customers and prospects know why it
is in their best interests to do business with you or buy your product, they
won't. The rating of life insurance companies makes an impact on customers.
The J.D. Powers' customer-satisfaction survey on cars and personal computer
manufacturers influences buying behavior. Wise companies spend time and
effort consciously influencing the way they are perceived by
customers, prospects, bankers and stockholders.
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