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Organisational archives tend to contain important administrative, business and official correspondence documents, whilst if an individual was to collect an archive then this may consist of a variety of things including; diaries, photographs, birth records for example. Some examples of the different types of archives that exist include the National Archive that contains the national census, birth deaths and marriages, population records and army figures for the past few hundred years. On a smaller scale there is an archive on Andy Warhol at the Andy Warhol museum and an archive of some 1400 Charles Darwin's letters in Cambridge; demonstrating the archives are not limited to one topic or type the only similar significant factor is that they all tend to document something or someone over a sustained period of time.

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Given the nature of many archives, maintaining the records within the archive can be a very laborious process. Depending on how old the items are or their material an archive might have to be maintained through the monitoring of the environmental conditions within the archive and stabilized through the use of a preservation specialist. No matter how big or small, old or new your archive is, many archivist's invest in high quality containers for the documents and items to be placed in; it has been known for comic book collectors, a comic book collection can be considered a archive, to invest in fire proof and digitally locked filing cabinets to ensure the protection of their comic book archive.

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